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MCT – Missoula Theatre

MCT - Missoula Theatre jobs


MCT, Inc.
Missoula Children’s Theatre and Missoula Community Theatre

Missoula, Montana, US

A non-profit organization deeply attuned to the important role the arts play in all communities.

MCT, Inc. is an umbrella organization sitting atop two distinct yet connected programs: a community theatre production company (MISSOULA COMMUNITY THEATRE) and the world’s largest touring children’s theatre (MISSOULA CHILDREN’S THEATRE).

Within our home community of Missoula, Montana, we are an arts organization committed to staging local productions, children’s musicals, revues, showcases and operas. Across the country and throughout the world, we are recognized as the premiere group that brings performing arts opportunities to communities–most notably to kids–who might not otherwise have access to them.

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