Theater Director/Educator/Administrator

Resume posted by Luke Hardt in Theatre.
Desired salary: $
Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Hooverson Heights West Virginia, United States


As an actor at The Talent Group for over 19 years, I have performed in various indoor and outdoor venues and film projects, showcasing my creativity, versatility, and professionalism. I have also written scripts and dialogues for different genres and audiences, demonstrating my writing and communication skills. I enjoy bringing stories to life and engaging with diverse and dynamic audiences.

Prior to joining The Talent Group, I was a director and associate professor of theater at Bethany College for 17.5 years, where I taught and mentored hundreds of students in the art and craft of theater, as well as directed and produced over 85 plays and musicals. I have a passion for lifelong learning and exploring multidisciplinary directions in theater, such as history, philosophy, and online applications. I am eager to collaborate with and contribute to the future of theater and entertainment.


M. F. A in Acting – Temple University/B. A. in Theatre-Bethany College

Highly experienced Director/Actor/Educator (trained and talented)

Polystylist, multicultural, interdisciplinary.


I’ve done everything there is in Theatre, from writing plays to cleaning the restrooms.


  • Dialects
  • Bikes and Motorcycles
  • Teaching
  • Stage Combat
  • Fencing
  • Basketball
  • can drive a manual transmission


    Coaching, Directing, improvisation, Playwriting