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Location: New York New York, United States

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Genevieve is a person who excels at the art of “Making Theatre Happen.” A storyteller by nature, her aesthetic as a designer is focused on finding the best possible way to tell the story behind the costumes while enhancing and illuminating the work as a whole. To further this goal, Genevieve has developed a wide variety of skills and interests from draping and sewing to detailed historical research and a more than passing interest in comic book sociology. She is especially adept at costume crafts and has found that a familiarity with power tools and a willingness to get creative with materials can open up a world of opportunity for design. She can and will make anything out of pool noodles. When not designing or creating clothing for imaginary characters, Genevieve is the Producing Artistic Director and social media guru behind Play On…Productions, a company dedicated to promoting new, local work in Kansas City and, soon, New York.


MFA Costume Design and Technology

BFA Costume Design and Technology


COSTUME DESIGNER – Freelance 10+ years professionally
Costume design for theatrical and other entertainment venues in the united states and abroad. Managed teams of artists and technicians to bring designed concepts to the stage. Oversee time and budget management, purchase of materials and construction of garments.

Requires knowledge of team building/managing, communication skills, costume history, drawing and painting, costume construction (including patterning and draping) techniques, millinery, dye work, costume crafts, computer office software.

See for portfolio and full design resume.


  • fitting 10 + years
  • costume cutter 10+ years
  • costume construction 10+ years
  • drawing and painting 10+ years
  • costume crafts 9+ years
  • costume patterning 5+ years
  • costume draping 4+ years
  • wig ventilation 2+ years
  • adobe photoshop 8+ years
  • microsoft office suite 15+ years


    communicatin, costumes, design, team managements, theatre, wardrobe

Spoken Languages

    English (Fluent)

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