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The Homestake Opera House, located in Lead, South Dakota, is a historic and cultural gem. Constructed in 1914, this beautifully preserved venue has been a center for the performing arts for over a century. The opera house has witnessed a variety of performances, including plays, musicals, concerts, and community events.

With its distinctive architecture and intimate atmosphere, the Homestake Opera House continues to be a focal point for arts and culture in the Black Hills region. Renovations and community efforts have ensured its preservation, making it a cherished space for both residents and visitors. As a cultural hub, the opera house contributes to the rich tapestry of Lead’s history and serves as a venue for artistic expression and community gatherings.

The Homestake Opera House is nestled in the Northern Black Hills of South Dakota and boasts a growing community theatre program as well as playing host to world renowned award-winning performing artists. Come be part of our team!

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