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Job Posting Promo Codes

Job submission coupon codes

Active job posting coupon code


Apply the coupon code on your single job submission and save 10%!

Expiration: September 3o. 2021




How to apply the discount promo code

On the check-out you will be asked to fill the coupon code.
The promo code can not be combined with any other discount codes.



  • Log in to ART JOBS website.
  • Click on the “Submit a Job” button.
  • Enter your job details.
  • Complete the form and click “Next” to proceed your job posting.
  • Preview your job submission and select the relevant pack.
  • After clicking “Next” you will get to the final confirmation where you fill up your COUPON CODE.
  • Your job is ready to be published, check the details are correct and then click “confirm”.

Happy Job Posting!


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Job Posting Promo Codes and Discounts

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Last Offers and Discounts


Job submission coupon code August 2021

Job posting promo code August 2021

Job Posting Promo Codes

15% off any job posting!

Job Posting Promo Code:


Fill up the coupon code on your job submission and save 20%!
The coupon can be used on any single job pack/plan on your job submission.

30% OFF Job Posting Promo Code

Post your job openings to ART JOBS board!

You may use the following promo code and save:

December Promo Code

30% off any job posting pack

On the job submission fill up this coupon code:


The coupon can be used with any job pack/plan on your job submission.
Offer valid until January 31. 2021.


Job Posting Promo Codes 2020

ARTS JOBS promo 50711

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