Patrick Fisher – December 2022

Resume posted by patrick_m_fisher in Arts and Culture.
Desired salary: $100,000.00
Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Erie Pennsylvania, United States


I am seeking to take the next step in my career. I am pursuing opportunities with values-driven, mission-oriented organizations. I am concentrating my search to opportunities centered around building the capacity of artists and culture bearers and advancing the social impact of the arts.

As a culture worker and arts administrator, I approach my work with equal parts creativity and curiosity. I possess an unshakable belief that participation in, and access to, the arts positively impacts personal, community, and economic development. I have worked with a wide array of public and private stakeholders to ensure that culture and creativity are woven into the fabric of everyday life within the communities I have served. As a result of my strategies and accomplishments over the past five years, organizations including Americans for the Arts, the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Fourth Economy, PlacemakingUS, and Main Street America have invited me to be a presenter at conferences and special events.

Advancing inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility within the creative and cultural sector have been a central tenant of my career. I have an unwavering belief that the benefits of this sector are best realized when the work produced by the individuals and organizations composing the sector broadly reflects a diverse range of perspectives, lived experiences, and cultures.

I have also worked diligently to challenge and dismantle systems that have oppressed, exploited, or under-resourced communities of color within the areas I have lived and worked.

In my career, I have not shied away from aspirational goals. Yet, I remain grounded in knowing that aspirations aren’t enough to achieve outcomes. I am diligent in recognizing both the actions and resources required to actualize goals and deliver impactful outcomes.

My career as an arts administrator has been guided by my curiosity, resourcefulness, and an openness to admit what I don’t know and then educate myself. As a leader, I believe in making myself directly accessible to the communities I serve. I lead by example, reinforcing an organizational culture that we must meet individuals where they are, challenge existing power dynamics, and build authentic relationships if we wish to be perceived as a community asset.

I invite you to visit my LinkedIn page, which can be found through my resume. There, I have outlined key responsibilities that I’ve held and outcomes that I’ve achieved. Additionally, I’m happy to provide professional references upon request.



Shepherded Erie Arts & Culture into an ambitious five year strategic plan rooted in emergent strategies.

  • Developed and implemented a sequenced action plan that reflected the agency’s strategic priorities, goals, and objectives.
  • Developed and implemented a case for support to raise the funds necessary to advance the agency’s strategic priorities, goals, and objectives.

Reviewed and revamped the entirety of EAC’s policies, protocols, programs, and services through the lens of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility.

Implemented dynamic recruitment and training to improve Board governance and engagement.

Improved EAC’s financial positioning.

  • Secured $1m+ in grant funding to support standard operations and the implementation of new initiatives that advance EAC’s mission.
  • Diversified EAC’s revenue streams by introducing and growing a fee-for-service model, with a focus on consulting on public art and placemaking initiatives.
  • Established and grew an operational reserve for EAC.
  • Chaperoned the administration and growth of a $4.47 million endowment.

Shaped the built environment and visual landscape of Erie, Pennsylvania.

  • Worked with a wide range of public and private stakeholders and collaborators to better integrate culture and creativity into development and redevelopment projects.
  • Led or collaborated on the creation and installation of 95+ new public art assets.

Launched a visiting artist residency program, providing contemporary artists with dedicated time and space to reflect, research, and create new bodies of work – outside of their usual environments.

Administered more than $1.25m in grants to individuals, non-profit organizations, institutions of learning, and municipalities to support community-centered, arts-based initiatives.


  • Strategic planning
  • Impact storytelling
  • Relationship building
  • Problem solving
  • Developing others
  • Creative placemaking