Resume posted by MeganMerley in Arts and Culture.
Desired salary: $40,000.00
Desired position type: Any
Location: Lafayette Indiana, United States


I am a creative person who has supported myself by working in healthcare for almost a decade, but now it is time for me to take steps to make myself happier and follow my training. I have a BFA in Creative Writing from University of Evansville (2010) with a minor in studio art, and have experience teaching and mentoring children.


BFA, Creative Writing
Minor, Studio Art
Publications in The Ohio River Review, Crescent Magazine, and other small publications throughout the Midwest.


Let me level with you: I graduated in 2010, right in the beginning of the recession, so I have had to work many jobs and wear many hats. I am tenacious, so I have a tendency to stay at jobs for too long, which is why I have been in healthcare for almost a decade.

I have waited tables, tended bar, taught public school, appraised antiques, washed dishes, sold glasses, suits, and bibles. I have extensive customer service experience, and have been a key holder at every job I’ve had, so I am reliable and conscientious.

I have reached a point in my life where I am done surviving and am looking to thrive, so I am open to any opportunity that will help me reach my best and happiest self–which for me, means creating things and helping others discover their passions, too.


  • Painting
  • Children’s illustration
  • Traditional animation
  • Sculpture
  • Sewing and crafting
  • Collage work
  • Mixed media presentation
  • Copy writing
  • Editorial


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