Alejandra Nunez

Resume posted by ananinun in Arts and Culture.

Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Coabey Jayuya, Puerto Rico


My world revolves around art ever since I was young. My passion for art has moved me to developing a devotion to museum practices inspired by making art accessible for everyone, which I have been able to grant to hundreds of people in Puerto Rico for the past 7 years. I am currently looking for an innovative environment that provides the best opportunities to utilize my potential to the fullest. I am also open to relocate from Puerto Rico if the best opportunity presents itself.


Western Colorado University
Masters of Art in Gallery and
Museum Management
August 2021 – December 2023

Comprehend legal and financial aspects of curating, preserving, and exhibiting archaeological, cultural heritage materials, and artworks.
Develop skills to assess the needs of particular artworks and venues, and execute professional and thoughtful plans for exhibition design and installation with artists, registrarial and preparatory staff.
Courses taken: Curating the Past, Exhibition Principles I and II,
Curatorship Principles I and II, Business Principles I and II, Provenance
Course currently taking: Master’s Project (Capstone).

Escuela de Artes Plásticas y Diseño de Puerto Rico 
Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting

Developed general foundations of the conventions of painting, as well as its modern and contemporary evolutions. Mastered the technique of drawing and painting (oil and water based). Develop a defined plastic and stylistic individuality, and work both independently and collaboratively.