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Youth Singers (YSC) is one of Calgary’s premiere performing arts education organizations for youth and adults. We have over 500 members, ranging in age from 3.5 to senior citizens, and offer music and dance training in 15 different divisions. Various YSC divisions and choirs rehearse or hold classes 5 days a week and on many weekends, and we produce 2 shows at the Jubilee Auditorium each year, in addition to over 75 performances throughout the community each season.

All told, our volunteers (predominantly consisting of our member families) contribute over 25,000 hours annually in areas ranging from rehearsal and performance chaperones to special event planning to theatrical design and production (wardrobe, props, sets, etc.) to organizing our music library to serving on our board of directors and so much more. Additionally, we have one of the largest bingo programs in the province, which in conjunction with regular casinos provides a substantial portion of our operating funds.

We have an administrative team of 9 to 11 people amounting to 7 FTE, as well as an artistic team of 50 part-time contract choral directors, choreographers, accompanists, theatre arts instructors, composers, arrangers, theatre technicians, and more.

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