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Lotus Education and Arts Foundation

Lotus Education jobs


The Lotus Education and Arts Foundation (“Lotus”), founded in 1994, is a mid-sized non-profit arts organization in Bloomington, Indiana, dedicated to year-round presentation of music and art from around the world. Its annual flagship event is the large-scale Lotus World Music & Arts Festival, an internationally recognized multi-day/multi-venue event that currently serves audiences of 12,000-15,000, including a destination-tourism market. Lotus’ other signature program is Lotus Blossoms, a multicultural arts-education outreach initiative that regularly serves ~10,000+ students each year in 30+ schools across a 6-7 county region in south-central Indiana. Lotus also presents a robust visual-arts program,   as well as standalone concerts, workshops, and community partnership events. The organization recently acquired and renovated a small venue space; regular Lotus and rental programming commenced in this space in early 2019.
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Jobs at the Lotus Education and Arts Foundation

Bloomington, Indiana