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Tulsa Ballet

Tulsa Ballet is one of the oldest ballet companies in the United States of America. Founded by Moscelyne Larkin and Roman Jasinski in 1956, the company celebrated its 65th anniversary last season. The company has been artistically led by Marcello Angelini since 1995, progressing from a well-respected regional ballet company to an arts institution named, by the national and international critics “…one of the top ten ballet companies in the US”, “…one of the five most significant ballet companies in the US” and “…one of the best in the world”. The company operates on a $7.3 million annual budget, has over $35 million in assets/endowments, owns its two building and two theaters and has over $1 million in cash reserves.

Tulsa Ballet presents six production a year, the first one of the season in its own Studio K theater, a $6.5 million, 300 seats proper theater built in 2008 for the express purpose of creating new work. Following this program, there will be four main stage productions at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, a 2400 seats auditorium downtown Tulsa. The last production of the year takes place at the Lorton Performance Center, a 700 seats house perfectly suited for smaller scale productions.

The company produces all the classics of the 19th century and the works of the top dance makers of the 20th and 21st century. Four of its seasonal productions are full evening, story ballets, the other two triple bills. Prior to the pandemic, the company toured extensively in Europe (Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Serbia, Croatia, Portugal) and the far East (South Korea).

Tulsa Ballet is a vibrant, diverse and growing non-profit arts organization, one that seeks to achieve excellence in all its endeavors, both on stage and in its every day operations.

Tulsa Ballet

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