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OMA’s mission is to bring people together to explore the art and stories of Southern California artists. Our exhibition program is dynamic and contemporary, surprising visitors with fresh and exciting visual experiences on every visit.OMA holds a unique place in the cultural landscape of San Diego County celebrating the regional arts community by showcasing a diversity of artists from Los Angeles to the Baja Peninsula.
We champion alternative definitions of culture and showcase the best talent in the region. This diversity of artistic practice attracts audiences of all ages, interests, and economic backgrounds, giving expression to our vision of a community transformed by art.
Community building is part of the museum’s DNA. Through strong partnerships, OMA has developed award-winning arts-education programs that fill educational gaps to serve vulnerable youth in our community.
OMA is committed to the idea that art is for everyone and makes the museum experience accessible by breaking down financial barriers and offering free admission to children and students, active military, and their immediate families.
Over 60% of OMA visitors participate for free.
Since it’s founding over 25 years ago, OMA continues to reflect Oceanside’s identity—a little edgy, willing to take risks, entrepreneurial, and professional without a capital P—along with our core institutional values: spirited, innovative, original, engaging, and inclusive.

Careers at the Oceanside Museum of Art

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