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Solee’s Study in Singapore Campaign

Study in Singapore Campaign

Please help Solee to study!

Solee is trying to raise money to study abroad in Singapore this year at the most prestigious university in Asia.
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Anything helps and your support is greatly appreciated!

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It’s my second year at UC Santa Barbara and although I am completely in love with this beautiful campus, it has always been my dream to study abroad in another country. The University of California has an amazing Education Abroad Program  with endless opportunities to study, intern and perform research all over the world. After exploring each program, weighing the pros and cons, and changing my mind a trillion times, I have finally decided to study in…. drumroll please… SINGAPORE from July 2019 to May 2020!

Now, let me tell you why I was attracted to this specific program..

First of all, it was a pleasant surprise to discover that my family and I could actually benefit financially from the program in Singapore. If I study abroad for an entire school year, I would save approximately $9000! Crazy, right? The costs of tuition and living on campus at UCSB prove to be significantly higher than in Singapore.

Second, the National University of Singapore where I would be attending is ranked #1 in Asia and #15 worldwide . NUS’s exchange program offers classes that I can take to fulfill many of my communication major requirements while simultaneously earning other credits toward the completion of my degree. The rigorous course-load ensures that I won’t fall behind and will graduate on time, if not earlier!

Third, Singapore is simply amazing. Apart from it’s tropical weather and beautiful rainforest, the island also has a vibrant mix of Malaysian, Chinese, and Indian cultures as well as multiple languages. In fact, English is one of the official languages in Singapore so all of my classes will be taught in English. A major plus! Not to mention, there are of course lots of places to see, things to do, and delicious food to eat (Check it out! ).

All in all, I would be extremely grateful to continue my education on the other side of the world. This trip would allow me to step out of my comfort zone and learn about the world around me in an entirely new way. I am very excited in case you can’t already tell!

Yay! You’ve made it this far. I would just like to say that absolutely any donation can help. If you are unable to help with funding, please SHARE this campaign and Facebook posts with others. The overall cost of this program (including tuition, housing, food, airfare, books and additional expenses) comes out to approximately $27,000. One year at UCSB is about $36,000. If you would like to know more about the specifics of this particular EAP program, the following link provides a break-down of expenses, a program overview and information about courses & credits:

I can’t thank you enough for supporting my educational dreams!


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