17 Nov 2022


Marketing, Outreach, & Digital Associate

One on One NYC / Next Level Studios LA  Los Angeles, California, United States

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Job Description

One on One / Next Level is the preeminent members-only networking studio for the trained, professional actor to connect with leading casting directors, agents/managers, and filmmakers to attain new levels of success in their careers. We offer exciting programming across 3 campuses: Los Angeles, New York, and Online (Zoom) along with Special Programs & collaborations with renowned institutions such as the USC School of Cinematic Arts Film School & NYU Tisch Grad Film School.

Our mission is to help actors forge their own relationships with the industry instead of waiting for the phone to ring. We want to help actors invest in their own results & success instead of being stuck in a cycle of feeling disempowered and disconnected. We pride ourselves on being a space for the trained, committed actor to build community and network, thereby being a bridge to their success.

Our studio is a central nexus for an actor’s “first step / foray” in their careers as part of a very challenging entertainment industry. We deal with big personalities all around including their many beauties & flaws.

If you absolutely love dealing with actors & CDs/reps, keep reading as we are adding the new full-time position of Marketing, Outreach, & Digital Associate to our team.

You will be tasked with writing copy & creating content on social media platforms as well as email newsletters. This position will be relied upon to not only help execute the overall marketing strategy but to play an integral part in adapting it day-to-day.

You will be a part of the studio’s Senior Staff meaning you will be expected to have a solid understanding of all facets of our core operations, and will be called upon to help troubleshoot & assist other departments if needed.

You will be a member of a team that prides itself on collaboration and teamwork, and will at times be a designated Supervisor overseeing support staff across our 3 campuses.


This is the perfect role for someone who loves Instagram, social media, & email marketing and is totally in tune with an actor’s journey when it comes to forging relationships with key industry players. You keep up-to-date with industry trades and know the ins and outs of what is happening with TV, Film, & Theater as well as the entertainment industry at large. And of course it goes without saying that a love for writing is a must.

  • Time Commitment: Full-time 40 hours per week; This position starts out Wednesday – Friday 10am – 6:30pm + Saturday & Sunday 8:30am – 5:00pm with the possibility of transitioning into Monday – Friday 11:00am – 7:30pm. These hours are non-negotiable due to our class schedule.
  • Compensation: $50,000 gross annually + additional opportunities depending on job performance.
  • Location: You must be located in Los Angeles to work at our in person studio.
  • Status: You’ll be an employee and must be authorized to legally work in the United States


Social Media & Email Marketing

  • Write Copy & Create Content for Social Media in accordance to the strategy & calendar set forth by the team. Strong emphasis on Instagram Reels, Stories, & Posts.
  • Write Copy & Design Newsletter Emails for distribution to our members list.
  • Basic Creation of Graphics to be utilized on social media. We have a graphics designer who creates templates for you to follow along and edit. You must have a good eye for aesthetics and be able to create basic graphics that are in tune with the studio’s brand.
  • Creation of Animated GIFs for Instagram reels, stories, & general marketing usage.
  • Participate & Contribute to the Overall Marketing Strategy involves having a keen understanding of the studio’s programming calendar, enrollment trends, & being able to formulate ideas based on day-to-day needs. You will be tasked with coordinating & implementing the content calendars for email newsletters & social media and responsible for making sure the content is created, delivered, and scheduled.

Marketing & Sales

  • Create Brochures & PDFs for special programs, general programming, & other areas as needed by the studio. Pre-made templates are already made for you to easily edit & customize.
  • Sales Calls to the interest lists for our special programs where you will explain programs to actors who have expressed interest and get them excited to enroll .


  • Write Copy for Emails to help establish industry partnerships, collaborations, & outreach for new members.
  • Research & Target New Groups & Communities for the studio to perform outreach for new members.

Customer Service

  • Excellent Customer Service Skills via email & in-person. Though your primary role will be as a marketing content creator, we are a small team. Which is why you will need to know the studio’s policies inside and out and be able to convey them to actors in a polite but yet firm manner.
  • Ability to Multitask in a Fast Paced Environment where you will need to juggle daily tasks from the studio’s multiple departments. You must have strong time management skills and be extremely organized.
  • Self-Starter + Organizational Skills are a must. You will be tasked with projects & daily tasks that need to be completed within strict deadlines, and you must be able to prioritize, organize, & sustain your own workflow.
  • Administrative Support for our programming team involves calling actors regarding date/time changes to events they are signed up for, following up for payment & outstanding balances, and administrative tasks involving spreadsheets, templates, & docs.
  • Ability to hold clear boundaries while maintaining compassion for our community.  Every once and while, you will be required to engage with members or instructors with big personalities and big demands. We will empower you to handle these situations with grace and confidence.

Cross-Department Support

  • Assist other departments depending on the studio’s day-to-day needs. This includes possible assistance with classroom tech & facilities issues, Zoom troubleshooting for our live interactive online classes, customer service & administrative support for our office managers, programming needs, outreach for new members, as well as member engagement.


  • As a member of the Senior Staff, you will need to be fully versed on and able to execute the essential protocols of our operations. At certain times you will be the designated “Supervisor” meaning you will be on-point and oversee operations for all 3 campuses (New York, Los Angeles, and Online). This involves a keen understanding of our programming offerings & distinct protocols for each campus and oversight of the support staff.

This could be you if…

  • You’re no longer an actor but you’d love a fulfilling career in entertainment and you love actors.
  • You are still pursuing acting, yet you’re ready for a full time, permanent position with a company connected to entertainment. Please do not apply for this role if you are looking for a gig to further your own acting career.
  • Good Humor is a HUGE PLUS!
  • Strong knowledge of the TV, Film, and Theater industry in NYC, LA, and regional markets such as Atlanta & New Mexico.
  • Great organization skills and attention to detail is a must. In fact, you’re probably known as the ‘organized one’.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills.
  • Works well under deadline and strong time management skills.
  • Familiar with IMDBPro, Casting About, and the industry “trades” such as Deadline, Hollywood Reporter, Variety, etc.
  • Must be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment and ability to problem-solve under pressure.
  • Ability to maintain close professional relationships with actors, talent agents, managers, filmmakers, and casting directors as a representative of the company (not for personal gain).
  • You have an interest and passion for the entertainment industry and love working with creative types including actors, casting directors, agents, managers, and filmmakers. And you are able to handle the quirks that make them mostly great but sometimes a pain ;)
  • You’re not intimidated by conveying the studio’s policies to people who expect and demand an exception to be made.
  • You are able to have the studio’s back even in front of an intimidating, A-list industry professional or an actor who is upset that you are telling them something they do not want to hear.
  • You are able to maintain cool in a high pressure, fast-paced environment where you are surrounded with big personalities in both our clients & customers.
  • You’re really into working on multi-step projects that repeat on a regular cadence – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually. The routine lights you up & you take pride in getting better at doing the same things. However, you also have the flexibility to deal with the curveballs as they are thrown at you as the entertainment industry is one of constant fluidity & last minute changes. You must be able to stay grounded in completion of your daily essential tasks while being available to troubleshoot “situations” with the team.
  • Detail, details, details! You know the details matter and you’d never dream of sending something out that doesn’t look just right. Typos & off brand ideas are a no-no.
  • No task is too big or too small for you. You’re ready to take responsibility, get your hands dirty, rally the team, and get it all done.
  • Multi-tasking is the name of your game. You keep all the plates spinning & people moving in the right direction.
  • You love following carefully laid out protocols, processes, and procedures and are able to do so in a high-pressure, fast paced environment.
  • You’re invested in your personal & professional development and want to grow in a fun, fast-paced company culture for the long term.
  • You’re cool with trying & making smart mistakes along the way. In fact, you like to learn from them.

Software & Equipment

  • Constant Contact & Gmail to manage member communications
  • Slack for in-the-moment team communications
  • Zoom for Live Interactive Online Classes & Team Meetings
  • Google Docs & Sheets to keep track of programming details
  • DropBox for class videos & sides
  • Basic Photoshop & Video Editing
  • Later for social media content scheduling
  • Instagram :)
  • Cameras, Tripods, HDMI Cords, SD Cards, and all that jazz!


To Apply:

If you’ve read this far & this sounds like a fit, click on this link to submit your application!


If you’re an actor, we welcome your application and we ask that you only apply if you’re seeking a full time, permanent position with our organization. This is not just a gig to get industry connections.


As a company, we value diversity, equity, and inclusion. We encourage people of all ethnicities, nationalities, genders, races, abilities, and sexual identities to apply.

If you’ve been chosen to move forward to the interview, you’ll be notified shortly after your application is received. If you don’t hear from us, thank you so much for applying and we will keep your application for consideration in the future!

We’ll assess the top candidates in the following weeks (depending on how many applicants we have). If chosen, we’ll invite you to do at least one assessment, a Zoom interview, followed by an In-Person final interview.

We can’t wait to hear from you!


Full-Time Job in Other:
Marketing, Outreach, & Digital Associate
One on One NYC / Next Level Studios LA
 Los Angeles, California, United States

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