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Freelance graphic designer/illustrator with 8 years of experience. Broad knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite products and sociology. Interested in pursuing a graphic design/illustration position.


University Of North Texas
Bachelor’s Degree
Interdisciplinary Arts and Design
2012 – 2016
Interdisciplinary Arts and Design (IADS) is an interdisciplinary study of art and design with coursework in drawing, design, communications, anthropology, and sociology. It promotes critical thinking, writing skills, and analysis. The degree is highly flexible and students chart individualized paths, selecting courses tailored to their interests and career plans.

University Of North Texas
Bachelor’s Degree
2012 – 2016


Champions of Love
Icon Designer
Created 7 8-bit avatar icons for gaming website “Champions of
Love” and helped communicate member status rankings.

Transgender and Intersex Alliance of Denton
Logo Design
Successfully designed a logo for a student organization called the
“Transgender and Intersex Alliance of Denton” (TRIAD) that
communicated the organization’s message of defiance

Hey Gorgeous Waxing and Skin Studio
Logo Design
Designed an effective logo mockup for the beauty salon, “Hey
Gorgeous Waxing and Skin Studio”

Merapi Coffee Shack
Ad Design
Designed 15 flyers and coupons for Collin County Community
College’s coffee kiosk, “Merapi Coffee Shack” which helped increase


  • Adobe Illustrator (3 years)
  • Adobe Photoshop (6 years)
  • Adobe InDesign (2 years)
  • Adobe Audition (1 year)
  • Microsoft Office (10 years)
  • Audacity (6 years)
  • Google SketchUP (3 years)
  • Final Cut Pro (1 year)
  • Photography (8 years)


    Organization, psychology, Sociology, Team Management, Time Management

Spoken Languages

    Cantonese, English

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