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I graduated from the University of Arizona in 2020. I studied Theatre Production at the College of Fine Arts. My professional experience includes volunteering and internships throughout my college summers. These opportunities were followed by working as a stagehand at the Madison Center for the Performing Arts in Phoenix. During the Summer of 2022 I worked as a Properties Artisan for the Virginia Theatre Festival.


I’ve been dedicated to theatre for quite some time now. I participated all the way back in my Freshman year of high school and continued on to study Theatre Production at the University of Arizona.

I learned the basic principles of many disciplines within technical theatre, granting me a basic foundation within most of the production process. I am most qualified in more carpentry-based disciplines. I specialized in scenic design, learned multiple drafting programs, acquired painting and drawing techniques, but most of all I honed my craftsmanship. I feel most at home doing props due to the versatility of my skills used. I enjoy learning something new every show!

I was assigned to be the propsmaster five separate times during my studies in university.


During my studies at college, I took it upon myself to gain more experience over the summers. Three separate summers I had various combinations of volunteering, internships, and restaurant work.

I volunteered locally at TheatreWorks Peoria and worked at a restaurant part-time for two summers. After my junior year, I acquired my first internship in Phoenix at Arizona Broadway Theatre. I now currently work as a part-time stagehand at a local school district in the Metro Phoenix area. I have been employed at the Madison Center for the Arts since September of 2021. Combining my college and professional experience, I have a grand total of 4 years of professional experience in the production of performing arts.

I am open to new opportunities preferably within my area of expertise. These include: Technical theater, properties construction, set dressing, furniture restoration and repair.

I am best equipped for local opportunities within the state of Arizona but I am open to any and all interest.

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