Freelance Creative Consultant, Designer, Theme Painter, Scenic artist/ set painter

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Patrick K. Coppinger has worked in the entertainment industry for well over 30 years, demonstrating versatility in many different styles of artwork. Patrick began his career as a set painter and Scenic artist working under masters in the trade, who recognized his natural talent. Learning his trade through hands on and being mentored by some of the best in the trade. He found opportunities to grow and learn other aspects in the industry, while still remaining primarily in the set painting and scenic artist role. He has been placed in the position of Freelance Creative Consultant, Designer, Construction manager. Due to his experience Patrick is able to design, budget, schedule, and execute the design in a manner that is effective. With problem solving skills that comes with experience and allows for pre-project modification to plans and unforeseen problems that arise during projects to be solved. No project is without it’s problems, but problems can be solved or diverted to complete the project. That is where hands on experience comes in. He has worked on many projects from around the world over the years: motion pictures, television, theme parks, museums, theaters, custom homes, themed retail outlets, resturants and much more.
Patrick’s personal time he draws and paints, as well as sculpts and mold makes. He also designs and builds things that come to mind and he has an interest in. The latest private project He has been working on for about six years now, it is a self renewable electric Air Cushioned Vehicle (Hovercraft). This has taken sometime but he thinks it has been worth it, almost done with transferring the drawings to CAD and slowly putting together the materials as he can afford to build it. He is always coming up with ideas, so you never know what is next.



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Freelance Creative Consultant, Designer, Theme Painter, Scenic artist/ set painter Resume

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