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Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: San Mateo California, United States

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Professional Summary:
Senior Creative Director with over 17 years’ experience delivering high-quality software products working with internal and offshore multi discipline teams. Exceptional leadership skills to mentor, drive and motivate teams to deliver high quality products following the most efficient iteration process and communication channels. Experienced and technically skilled with key ability to precisely assess capabilities and value/cost of external resources. Successful creative and technical execution with large established franchises as well as setting up new ones.

Executive Summary:
• Shipped multiple titles for Star Wars & X-Men franchise in leadership roles.
• Achieved cohesive & synchronized production by mentoring & managing teams & vendors in US, Singapore, China and Vietnam.
• Successfully launched Chasing Dead across multiple platforms in 10 languages fully utilizing restricted resources & budget.
• Delivered high quality marketing assets (videos, screenshots and interviews) & marketing strategy to support marketing team.
• Crafted Design Docs and technical prototypes to get game ideas & final content approved directly from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and Valve.


Master of Arts: Computer Arts
Academy of Art University – San Francisco

Bachelor of Architecture: B-Arch
National College of Arts – Lahore

• Certified Scrum Master Scrum Alliance
• Project Management Mastery IPS Learning


Creative Director/Chief Creative Officer, 05/2013 to Current
2020 Venture – Burlingame
• Planned & executed full cycle from Concept to launch for multiple gaming products on Console, PC and Mobile devices.
• Maintained consistency in art & game play systems design by providing Art Guides & Design Docs and technical specification to new team members.
• Strategized high level game beats to writers and game designers to build a compelling competitive & additive gameplay experience.
• Maintained a high performance and user friendly pipeline by providing content team with custom scripts, shaders and content ready script embedded customizable prefab for game-play tuning, audio & art content.
• Successfully launched products on several platforms by writing multiplatform compatible code and easily customizable quality content using engine capabilities or custom code.
• Turned original Sci-Fi concept about doppelganger Earth to a script as a Co-Writer.
• Secured seed funding for by presenting a one page business plan. Successfully prototyped social media platform on Web, iOS and Android in 30 days.
• Delivered fluid & polished game-play experience by working closely with QA team to reproduce, profile and fix bugs across multiple platforms.
• Reduced budget and attrition by hiring 2020 Venture internal cross discipline team using external hiring resources. Negotiated employment terms, pay scale and equity.

Art Lead/Art Director, 04/2005 to 04/2013
LucasArts – San Francisco
• Delivered high quality content as a Manager and Creative Lead on the multiple Star Wars games bringing revenues of over $ 500 million.
• Provided feedback to the shared Tech efforts to improve the Environment Art Workflows & Pipeline. This included providing the requirement docs to the RnD group & also showing click by click demos to highlight issues in the workflow.
• Built, textured & lit two levels in Maya, Zeno (internal game engine), Z-brush & Photoshop. Worked closely with the Lead Engineer to define the surface look & performance for the specialized shaders. Level building also included optimizing levels and also helping out the rest of the team with performance analysis on Xbox & PS3 (PIX & GPad).
• Increased the efficiency, productivity and skill level of the art team & new hires by scheduling a sprint for documenting the entire Environment Art workflow.
• Aligned the goals for art teams in San Francisco, Singapore and China. Provided daily feedback, Scheduled sprints and quarterly milestones for internal and external teams.
• Provided use cases and specs to LucasArts and LucasFilms engineering teams to improve runtime performance, graphic quality and content production pipeline for internal and external studios.
• Met aggressive hiring and production targets by working closely with human resources teams at LucasArts for Internal Development.
Creative Director (Consulting), 08/2008 to 09/2009
MAD Dimensions, Inc. San Mateo CA
• Provide strategic consulting on branding, including brand name development, brand identity, graphic and web design, Copyright & trade mark development & marketing integration across multiple advertising opportunities for Architecture and Interior design services.
Lead Environment Artist/Interim Art Director, 12/2002 to 04/2005
Activision, Inc. – Foster City
Xmen-4. (Wolverine) IronMan & XXX
• Lead the concept team during the Pre-Production phase of Wolverine game.
• Worked with the Project Lead & concept team to define look for the Pre-Vis for Xmen-4. Provided direction for the character development concepts.
• Polished visuals of environments and Characters as a Lead Lighter for XMen-3 for current and Next Gen consoles.
• Lead the Environment Art Team to generate assets & build environments and worlds. Organized training sessions for new artists on production tools and engine/export pipeline.
• Improved engine visuals, pipeline & bugs by providing engineers with use cases and test levels.

Architect, 03/1999 to 03/2000
Isbah Hassan and Associates – Lahore
• Designed & remodeled residential and commercial buildings following client’s requirements and Architectural vision of the company.
• Conceptualized & built modern furniture working directly with the manufacturer and client.


  • Creative Direction
  • Unity 3d
  • Mobile Games
  • Console Games
  • C# Expert
  • Playstion4
  • WiiU
  • External Partners Relations
  • Game Code
  • iOS & Android
  • Programming
  • Creative Development
  • Visual Effects
  • User Experience
  • Team Leadership
  • Production Planning
  • Offshore
  • Outsourcing
  • Perforce
  • Hansoft
  • DevTrack
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • After Effects
  • Architecture
  • Zbrush
  • Maya
  • XCode
  • Global Partnership(s)
  • SQLRecruiting
  • Project Management
  • Scrum/Agile
  • VR (Oculus Rift)
  • First Person Shooters
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Story & Script
  • Visual Studio
  • FinalCut Pro
  • Analytics
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Creative & Technical
  • Virtual Reality
  • Art Direction
  • Team Leadership
  • Employee Contracts
  • Leadership Experience
  • Shaders
  • Global Resource Expansion
  • Video Games
  • Budgeting
  • Schedule Management
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Planning/Analysis
  • Brand Communications
  • Intellectual Property
  • Visual Brand Identity
  • Communication Skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Brand Development
  • Free to Play
  • User Interface
  • Animation
  • Environment Art
  • Game Development
  • Excellent Organizational Skills
  • Excellent Cross Cultural
  • Communication Skills

Spoken Languages

    English, Hindi, Pushto, Urdu

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