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Desired salary: $75,000.00
Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: San Diego California, United States

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Highly motivated, passionate and well respected leader, educator and entrepreneur with 18 years of experience in performing arts and events planning, management and promotion. Proven ability to align business goals with creative vision to deliver exceptional programs and experiences. Well-versed in multicultural environments with a long history of fostering individual and community relationships. Seeking to make a significant impact in an arts and/or entertainment oriented capacity, developing excellent programs and events that generate revenue, benefit the community, and attract media attention.


University of Virginia

School of Continuing and Professional Studies

Falls Church VA

18 graduate credits of coursework in Education

George Mason University

Fairfax VA

B.A, French Language and Literature


Founder, CEO and Artistic Director 2009-2018

Mosaique Studio/Center for Cultural Arts, www.mosaique-center.org

Sterling, VA

  • Maximized revenue and student retention by developing and implementing business plan for fee-based membership organization
  • Strategically created and executed annual calendar of themed class sessions and unique cultural events with the goal of enriching the member experience while recruiting new students to join the organization
  • Identified, nurtured and sustained community relationships by collaborating and consulting on special events and programs
  • Trained, supervised, and mentored instructional staff
  • Implemented studio policies and practices of inclusion with respect to diversity of age, ability, race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender and gender identity
  • Established the studio’s reputation for excellence in classes, performances and special events by thorough evaluation and consistent management of programs
  • Reduced expenses, increased teachers’ earnings, and improved student satisfaction, by implementing innovative multilevel curriculum and class structure
  • Capitalized on studio facility by creating a multi-functional and aesthetically pleasing space with considerations for technology needs, theatrical artistry, seating, and safety
  • Planned, promoted and managed 8 to 12 educational, social, and performance events per year
  • Ensured the success of events and optimized audience enjoyment by effectively managing performance logistics, program flow and communications
  • Directed and motivated professional and student talent to perform at a high standard
  • Crafted accurate and interesting written descriptions for printed programs and oral presenters
  • Positioned the organization for future growth and success upon my departure by conceiving and authoring a new business model and plan to assist instructional staff in transitioning to leadership roles

Independent Artist, Instructor and Consultant 2001-present

Nationwide, www.katayoundance.net

  • Exceed clients’ expectations with exceptional presentations for large and upscale events that support their organizational goals
  • Research, write and promote educational blog in service to the community as an established credible cultural dance expert and author
  • Developed several streams of income by addressing the interests and needs of a growing fan-base, with classes, performances, online instruction, writing, and publishing
  • Authored 280-page multilevel theme-based curriculum, which has since been published and distributed to all major global book markets
  • Envisioned and collaborated on creation of dance organization, Tiraz Dance Network, to identify and serve target population
  • Instrumental in defining and driving Tiraz Dance Network’s mission and values
  • Planned, promoted and managed 4 to 6 educational and performance events per year between 2001-2008, including benefits for local, national and international non-profits
  • Cultivated relationships with local media outlets resulting in several feature articles


  • Business organization and communication
  • Community-building and public relations
  • Teaching and instructional methodology
  • Training and supervising
  • Curriculum and program development
  • Event planning and management
  • Arts promotion and marketing
  • Stage performance and production
  • Presentation and public speaking
  • Writing and editing
  • WordPress
  • Microsoft Office Suite

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