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Location: Buenos Aires Buenos Aires, Argentina

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I was born in Argentina and started in 1994 doing design and sculptures for carnival shows. In 1997 I’ve begun my training studying scenography at the University of El Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina and later studied drawing and painting at the University of La Plata. Since 2005 I’m doing digital illustration as a freelancer, I’ve covered a wide range of illustration genres from children books and book covers to video game art for game studios contracted by different companies such as Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. I’ve kept doing set designs and sculptures getting involved in the direction of the realization process, applying digital mediums and 3D technology to design and optimize the construction phase.
I’m always trying to be aware, present and open to learn. Feeling totally grateful for the privilege of being able to make a living from what I love to do.




1997 – 1999 Scenography- Universidad Del Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2003 – 2006 Drawing & Painting – Universidad Nacional De La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.



1995 – 2018 Designed and oversaw all aspects o f set execution, also sculpted part
o f the figures, objects and sets for theme parks and Carnival Shows, Argentina.

2007 – 2018 Designed and coordinated the construction o f costumes and props for
theme parks and Carnival shows, Argentina.

2013- 2018 Digital & Traditional illustration for children books and book covers.

2003 – 2018 Digital illustration, 2D animation and 3D modelling and animation
for video game in studios contracted by different companies such
as Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and National Geographic.


  • ._Painting and drawing in all artistic media
  • ._ Scale model making
  • ._ Knowledge of working with
  • video
  • ._ Animation
  • ._ Technical drawing, sculpting in Stone, wood and styrofoam.
  • Software:
  • ._ Corel Painter
  • ._ Adobe Photoshop
  • ._ After Effects
  • ._ Premiere
  • ._ Autodesk Maya
  • ._ Pixologic Zbrush

Spoken Languages

    English, Spanish

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