Photographer, Designer, Instructor

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I am highly skilled and prolific with every goal I set my mind to. My effective communication skills allow me to both take criticism and be a team leader. I am always learning new skills and enhancing my existing library of abilities.


2014 University of South Florida
MFA- Studio Art

2011 University of Northern Iowa
BFA- Studio Art
BA- Art Education
MINOR- Art History


2008- Current
Studio Manager, Jeffery Byrd, Cedar Falls, IA
– Scheduled, booked, and managed models, artists, and shoots across the U.S.
– Head photographer/ videographer
– Head photo/ video editor
– Managed equipment and costumes across two continents
– Managed transportation and on location expenses consistently coming under
budget by 25%

Fine Art Archiving Consultant, Freelance, Tampa, FL, Philadelphia, PA
– On-site archiving of works of art by emerging and prominent artists
– Maintaining up-to-date digital image filing system
– Accurate photo and color reproduction of original art works
– Maintaining strong clientele relationships
– Managing record and billing systems
– Consulted on archival lighting for personal collections
– Director of Lighting: “What the Ringback Brought” written and directed by
Trenton Doyle Hancock for the Ringling Museum of Art

Instructor of Record; Digital and Analogue Photography,
University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
– Maintained high evaluation rankings
– Creation, implementation, and evaluation of custom, forward-thinking lesson
plans in accordance with curriculum
– Management of most up-to-date software and computers for student
– Maintained safe chemical wet lab in accordance with OSHA standards


  • Photoshop
  • Lightroom
  • In Design
  • Illustrator
  • Premiere Pro
  • MAC/ Windows OS
  • Microsoft Suite
  • Canon Camera Systems
  • Analogue Cameras (35mm, Medium, Large Formats)
  • Analogue and Digital Printing
  • Studio Lighting (Strobes, Flash, Hot Lights)
  • HTML
  • CSS


    Archiving, Color Correcting, design, Fine Art Documentation, Image Manipulation, Photo Editing, Teaching, Team Organization, Time Management

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