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Desired salary: $100,000.00
Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Las Vegas Nevada, United States

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I am an accomplished leader with a background in museums and arts organizations who has demonstrable success in establishing and achieving strategic and mission related objectives.

My leadership is one of openness and inclusivity in all interactions. I am empathic leader who treats others with utmost respect. I am individual of integrity, ethics and values who inspires unquestioned trust.

With over a decade of experience, my management acumen consists of the following:

Strategic and Visionary Leader

· Dynamic and charismatic leader with an entrepreneurial and enthusiastic spirit, and the background and skills to deliver on the mission of stakeholders and organizations.

· Partner with stakeholders to create a vision for future objectives.

· Proven strategic thinker with the foresight, capacity, and experience to understand and balance complex and discrete needs.

· Agile in ambiguous situations and capable of providing stability and confidence when faced with important and quickly-changing circumstances.

Mission Fit and Expertise

· Consistently demonstrate passion for and commitment to the arts, inclusive of the mission of stakeholders, its history, collections, and future.

· Driven by the legacy of stakeholders, and by the opportunity to expand its impact in the local community and beyond.

· Strong advocate for stakeholders and have the intellect, knowledge, experience, and training to represent and elevate stakeholders in the region and in the broader arts world.

· Expertise to curate and seek out world-class, compelling exhibitions for stakeholders to expand audience engagement and to build stakeholders credibility in the arts across the region.

Expertise in Development and Fundraising

· Bold, fearless and experienced fundraiser with a measurable track record of success in development, and the expertise and mindset to build strong relationships within the community, with current and potential donors and the Board.

· Experience with various fundraising and communications channels, including capital campaigns, and the ability to provide high-touch engagement. constituents.

· Flexible, confident and self-motivated thought partner who will work with stakeholders in identifying and devising a fundraising strategy.

Business Acumen and Operational Expertise

· Strong record of successful oversight and management of finance and operations.

· Promote a culture of excellence and high-quality execution at all levels within an organization, providing outstanding stewardship for the advancement of stakeholders.

· Highly skilled in budget, financial and personnel management, this individual will have the perspective to consider the impact of decisions, strategic plans or initiatives, and programs on the organization, and make sound recommendations accordingly.

Skilled and Inspirational Manager

· Decisive, results-oriented leader with a collegial, team-oriented working style, open and nimble in adjusting to emerging needs or shifting priorities.

· Proven record of visible and effective management and the demonstrated ability to professionally develop, nurture and retain a strong team that is focused on impact, excellence, accountability and efficiency.

· Fervent motivator, able to inspire a shared vision, quality performance and strong morale, empowering and cultivating staff through active and effective communication, feedback and delegation, and will actively promote teamwork and collaboration.

Registrar and Curatorial Expertise

· Knowledge of AAM/AAMD standards and practices.

· Expertise required to evaluate, care for and steward collections and portfolios.

· Curate hundreds of domestic and international permanent, temporary and traveling exhibitions.

· Develop collection and contact management database systems.

External Relations and Relationship-Building

· Compelling public presence, and be exceptionally skilled at developing, building, and sustaining excellent relationships.

· Demonstrated ability to connect with and build bridges among the various stakeholders and throughout the region, including staff, members and visitors, Board members, and community leaders.

· High degree of public relations insight, serving as the outward-facing representative, able to speak and write fluidly and extensively about an organization’s history, impact, growth strategy, and future direction to all audiences.

· Excellent public speaking abilities and feel equally comfortable and effective in presenting to small group as well as large audiences and symposia. Considerate and open, working collaboratively to find opportunities for the benefit of stakeholders as a whole, promoting dialogue to identify best practices, synthesizing divergent views, and coalescing all constituencies around a shared view or plan.

Having served as Executive Director, Director of Operations and Curator for museums and galleries, I currently serve as a project management consultant to provide successful results for stakeholders, corporations, and nonprofits specializing in arts and culture.


Laura Henkel, D.H.S., Ph.D.



Institute for Advanced Study of Human
Sexuality, San Francisco, California, 2007
Ph.D. | Erotology, Museum Science
D.H.S. | Doctorate Human Sexuality

John F. Kennedy University, 2002
Orinda, California
B.A. | Liberal Arts



ARTCULTURE PR, Executive Director
Las Vegas Based, Global Reach
2013 to Present

• Advance stakeholders’ portfolios to evolve from its current strategic plan and operating model.

• Provide skilled and diligent oversight of stakeholders’ financial resources, operations and portfolios.

• Collaborate with stakeholders to refine long-term goals, and create and execute an overall strategic plan.

• Create and steward educational and cultural programming to enhance stakeholders’ visibility within the community at large to generate new business development opportunities.

• Design and execute marketing strategies to strengthen brand recognition, as well as to reach broad audiences.

• Provide skillful oversight of all programs and operations, and promote innovative and thoughtful programming that engages the local community and an expanding audience.

• Serve as the experienced and influential representative locally, nationally and internationally within the arts and museum community.

• Provide inspirational leadership and exceptional management of staff, contractors and volunteers.

• Cultivate collectors of art and gifts of art for temporary exhibitions and permanent collections.

• Communicate to stakeholders with transparency and high-quality information to support sound policy decisions and facilitate their fiduciary responsibility.

• Enhance curatorial ambitions and fundraising capacity in furtherance of the stakeholders’ vision.

• Provide charismatic leadership and a creative vision for stakeholders.

• Direct London exhibition and support development of book launch.

• Steward art portfolios of $1mil+ and budgets and portfolios of $500k+.

SIN CITY GALLERY, Managing Director + Curator
Las Vegas, Nevada
2009 to Present

• Provide experience, scholarship and industry stature in order to elevate the gallery’s profile in the artistic community internationally.

• Provide understanding and knowledge of the art world and its key players, and an ability to translate this into meaningful collaborations and exhibitions for the institution that speak to the community and international audiences.

• Serve as the primary spokesperson and advocate for the gallery’s art and education programming, and more broadly, for the importance of art and culture to the community.

• Directs all forms of media to build and manage the reputation of the gallery, overseeing development of content for support materials and services. Communicates key messages to target audiences in order to establish goodwill and maintain understanding between the organization and its public, positively influencing opinion and behavior. 

• Provides effective and engaging communication between the gallery and its local, regional, national and international stakeholders, including its diverse audiences, artists, collectors and educational institutions. Ensures that all communications are aligned with the vision and mission of the gallery, adheres to brand standards, maintain brand integrity and are visually compelling and able to drive visitation and revenues.

• Develop and execute a programmatic vision for the gallery’s programs, and exhibitions that reflects a commitment to creative excellence that is accessible to a diverse range of audiences.

• Actively cultivate relationships with artists and collectors interested in deepening the acquisition of collections.

• Inspire and direct scholarly activities that elevate the gallery’s profile, including authorship of publications and articles, and seeking industry or academic recognition for specific portions of the collection, or for noteworthy exhibitions and artists.

• Execute enthusiasm and ambition to develop and leverage a range of relationships locally, regionally and within the industry.

• Serve as primary advocate for arts and culture in the community and “speaks” for the gallery’s artists, exhibitions and programming, connecting the public to arts and culture.

• Continue to explore new ways to reach audiences, create innovative exhibitions and initiatives, and partner with outside individuals and organizations to develop meaningful, engaging programming.

• Develop vibrant exhibition calendar; produce six international juried art exhibitions with artists from 23 countries; Produce annual art festival, including the activation of 30,000 ft.2 of retail spaces to reach large audiences and align key sponsors to maximize their brands;

• Collaborate with Chinese and Korean artists to exhibit public art installation at Shoppes at Crystals, MGM Grand. Coordinate logistics, create design of installation, implement and direct marketing campaign to drive traffic and solicit sales.

• Steward art portfolios of $3mil+ and budgets of $1mil+.

International Art Museum of America, San Francisco
2012 – 2013

¥ Develop, implement, and accomplish the annual operating plan and annual budget of the organization as approved by the Board of Trustees, working with staff to evaluate day-to-day operational effectiveness and align resources to fulfill strategic goals.

¥ Create a positive working environment for the entire organization, strong staff morale, and a culture of teamwork and mutual support among all staff. Implement policies and procedures that ensure ongoing professional development, and motivate and guide a highly functioning team.

¥ Work with stakeholders to provide leadership, information, and support that enhances the governance of an organization.

¥ Assess the existing capital campaign plan and status, and lead the strategy for renewing the campaign in alignment with strategic goals.

¥ Provide leadership in the creation and implementation of a development plan that includes membership; annual fund; donor cultivation, appreciation and retention; corporate and foundation relations; marketing; and capital efforts.

¥ Work closely with the Board of Trustees to effectively reach out to current and prospective donors to cultivate, deepen and develop their support of the organization, and actively explore new fundraising opportunities.

¥ Oversee, along with guidance and support from the Board Treasurer and Finance Committee, budgeting, the annual financial audit, tax filings, and maintenance of correct and complete records required; maintain the healthy operation of the organization under all state, local rules and regulations and contractual requirements and in keeping with the best practices and standards of collecting museums.

¥ Steward art portfolio of $20mil+ and budgets of $2mil+.

HENKEL ENTERPRISES LLC, Project Operations Director + Art Curator
San Francisco, CA + Las Vegas, NV
2004 – 2011

¥ Design and develop 17,000 ft.2 art facility; work closely with stakeholders, architects, contractors, city and county officials, and civic leaders to steward project deliverables and oversee budget management; travel extensively to meet with international institutions, collectors and donors to form alliances for permanent and temporary exhibitions.

¥ Embrace the role of chief spokesperson and advocate for the Museum with professional organizations, funding agencies, businesses, governmental agencies, donors, other museums and non-profits, and the general public.

¥ Curate and install permanent and temporary exhibitions to engage audiences; design exhibition programming that supports the mission and goals of the facility; collaborate and contract with artists, and collectors and stakeholders to provide exceptional communication and documentation to effectively maintain effective registrar recordation.

¥ Work closely with the Board of Trustees, particularly the Board Chairman, to enable the Board to fulfill its governance function and energize the Board to be full participants in fundraising and advocacy efforts; activate the Board of Trustees in the development of community relationships; and mentor and support the work of the Board to identify, cultivate and meet with prospective donors.

¥ Work in close collaboration with staff and volunteers to enhance the visitor experience before, during, and after a visit to ensure that visitors have a positive and enjoyable experience.

¥ Leverage and explore volunteer and affinity groups partnerships elevate and reimagine the arts in the region, as well as educating visitors and the community about the importance of arts in society.

¥ Steward art portfolios of $5mil+ and budget of $1 mil+.


    Curation, management, marketing, operations, Public relations

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