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Desired salary: $45,000.00
Desired position type: Full-Time/ Part-Time/ Contract
Location: Roswell Georgia, United States

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I am creative person artistic visionary who is full of passion and charisma, and I have experience managing and producing multimedia events.
I believe that my comprehensive knowledge of art history and the modern music and art market, leadership
Skills and passion for inspiring others make me an ideal candidate to join your staff.

In my previous roles, I managed large-scale arts and entertainment events and was responsible for public relations campaigns at a local and national level. I speak English, Spanish and Russian, which allows me to communicate directly with several ethnic communities in the United States.

As a leader of large creative groups and departments, I have learned how to make important and crucial decisions and resolve both technical and legal issues. I have prepared documents for foreign touring artists, groups, and ensembles and have experience working with top immigration lawyers for the production of multi-cultural shows in the USA

My creative vision and business intuition allow me to create new projects that raise the cultural awareness in the community, preserve historical and culture values, and give attention to all cultural and ethnic groups. During my travels through Europe, Latin America, and the USA, I have
Established an excellent relationship with several talented musicians and artists from all around the
Globe, and have gained considerable experience in public relations and arts program management. In the past, I have created effective strategies and planned large projects in the sphere of a culture of and art. I have considerable experience working on the business side of projects and have attracted investors and sponsors to many events, including the Hollywood Music and Media Awards. I have used modern technologies, PR techniques, and worked with marketing companies to draw public attention to large-scale charity events and cultural projects.


Master’s Degree, Production and Management of Performing Arts, Russian State University of Theatre and Performing Arts, Moscow, Russia


GLOBAL MUSIC & MEDIA, INC, Miami, FL 2014-Present
Production Director/Music Producer
♣ Oversee the careers of multiple artists, managing promotions and negotiating performance opportunities that result in increased fan bases.
♣ Spearhead public relations campaigns aimed at promoting signed artists, driving increased awareness.
♣ Manage all aspects of music production, from album pre-planning, recording and editing through to release.

TS MUSIC CATALOG, Bellevue, WA 2013-2014
Press and Media Public Relations and Marketing Manager
♣ Led the negotiating of successful deals with music and entertainment media outlets throughout the United States and Latin America.
♣ Built and maintained effective business relationships with multiple marketing and PR companies.
♣ Instrumented outreach to over 100,000 artists and musicians throughout the world.

Production Director/Music Supervisor
♣ Oversaw all aspects of production and music for documentary film “Awaken” released in 2012.
♣ Collaborated with artistic team to develop concepts and marketing and complete post-production duties.

Event Manager/Multimedia Producer
♣ Orchestrated all aspects of major events including theater, concerts and multimedia performances.
♣ Organized and led the execution of multiple exhibitions, fairs/festivals, meetings, social gatherings, photo shoots, product launches and charity events, resulting in high degrees of audience engagement.
♣ Managed artist bookings and contract negotiations along with assisting legal department.
♣ Selected to serve as Multimedia Producer for the successful “Millennium Promise” charity event hosted by Quincy Jones and Tony Robbins at the Wilshire Theater in Los Angeles with $2,000+ tickets.
♣ Played a key role in producing Soul, Rhythm and Blues concert at Del Rey Beach Arts Center with audience of 1,500+.

GEMA PRODUCTIONS SAC, Lima, Peru 2005-2009
Production Director/Event Manager
♣ Oversaw organization’s daily operations, managing and organizing major events including live music, theater performances, multimedia productions, exhibitions, festivals and a variety of other critical projects.
♣ Instrumented the design, development and execution of strategic plans for business operations, maintaining a track record of on-time and in-budget project completion.
♣ Managed artist bookings, auditions, contracts and legal issues related to touring.
♣ Produced a successful charity show attended by 1500+ people.

Assistant Director/Recreational Activities Manager
♣ Collaborated regularly with Creative Director to produce, organize and execute multiple special events for students including gatherings, festivals, live music and charity events.


  • Relationship Management
  • Artist Bookings
  • Startup Businesses
  • Audio/Video Production
  • Media Pre- and Post-Production
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Marketing/Promotions
  • Audio/Video Editing
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Multimedia Technology
  • Workflow Design
  • Data Collection/Research/Analysis


    Artist Bookings, Audio/Video Production, Interpersonal communication, Media Pre- and Post-Production, Multimedia Live Shows Production, Relationship Management

Spoken Languages

    English, Russian, Spanish

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