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I’m from Belgium. I studied theatre sciences in Gent and afterwards light, sound, video in Brussels. Next to that I’ve always had my own theatre companies where i created shows and acted in them.
I see any chance for working abroad as a good way to develop my personality.


Master in theatre sciences.
Bachelor in theatre techniques (light, sound, video, …)


ACTOR: Oortocht Collective (2012-2014), Gala Gracia Mercado (2014), Astrid Michaelis (2012-2013), NTGent (2011-2013), Cie MMZ (2011-2012), De Constanten (2010-2014), Cie Manneke (2012-2013), Cie Hatsjie (2002-2008), Youth Theatre Kaboekie (1999-2005)

DIRECTOR: Oortocht Collective (2012-2014), De Stokerij (2011-2014), Cie Hatsjie (2006-2008)

MUSIC: Piano Solo Composer (Lighthousekeeping, Labyrinth, Puzzle / 8 Pieces)

PRESS: writer for DM City Magazine (since 2014), CircusMagazine (since 2013), (since 2004)

TECHNICAL COORDINATOR: Bâtard Festival (2012-2013)

LIGHT / SOUND: Brune Campos (2013-2014), KVS (2010-2012), De Nietjesfabriek (2012-2014), Corpus Ca (2009-2011), Bronks (2009-2010), De Roovers (2009-2010), Campo (2011-2012), Zomer van Antwerpen (2011), Theater Antigone (2008-2011), Bâtard Festival (2010-2011)


  • Light and sound
  • Writing
  • Piano, accordeon, singing
  • Movement performer

Groups & Associations

    De constanten, De Stokerij, Oortocht

Spoken Languages

    Dutch, English (Fluent), French; (read and spoken)

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