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Desired position type: Any
Location: Iowa City Iowa, United States

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I work at the intersection of sound, image, and the public sphere. Trained as a composer, but with a mind for the broader humanities, I am looking for creative problems to solve.


In May of 2023, I will complete a PhD in Music Composition from the University of Iowa. My current research reimagines public memory through the lens of music and sound.


I teach: 3 years of Rhetoric, 5 years of Music Theory, Composition, and Performance, and 1 year of Writing

I write: program notes, poetry, and academic literature

I design: I have professionally engraved music, crafted concert posters, and designed logos for musicians

I lead: 3 years of every brand of administrative work, 1 year of professional development coaching, 2 years of committee service


  • Teaching (5 years)
  • Music (20 years)
  • Writing (5 years)


    Music Composition, Oral History, Podcasting, Research



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