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Location: Newtown Pennsylvania, United States

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I have just graduated from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia with my Bachelors degree in printmaking, my certification to teach, and a minor in art history. I have spent time as an intern for practicing artists, and have been a key holder for a printmaking studio in Philadelphia. I also have experience at an intern and student teacher level working with students in an art room.


I attended Tyler School of Art at Temple University from September of 2008 to December of 2013. I received a bachelors degree in printmaking along with my certification to teach and a minor in art history. I also spent four months at their University in Rome where I student printmaking and art history.


I have equal experience in printmaking as I do in art education. I spent a summer as an intern for a ceramic artist named Linda Johnson where I assisted her in her craft business. I also spent six months as a key holder for an art studio in Philadelphia called Second State Press. There I participated in art shows and print exchanges, as well as acted as a manager for their studio to keep it in working order.

In art education I spent time doing field work at Benjamin Franklin Elementary with english language learners. During this time I also was a student intern at Glenside Elementary where I taught kindergarden through fourth grade one full day a week. Following this I was a student teacher at Parkway Northwest High School of Peace and Social Justice where I taught ninth through twelfth graders full time under the supervision of a cooperating teachers.


  • Printmaking (6 years)
  • Art Education (2 years)


    Art History, Etching, Lithography, Printmaking, Silkscreening, Special Education, Studio Management

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    Second State Press, The Print Center, Tyler School of Art

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