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-Extensive experience as strategist and project manager for arts, design and creative industry projects.
(Exhibitions, workshops, professional events, seminars, mission trips, matchmaking and consultancy)
-Sound understanding of design, arts and digital media with focus on innovation and sustainability.
-Familiar with eastern and western cultural and professional environments.
-Project partners include public and private sectors.
-Lived, worked and studied in Asia, United States and Brazil.
-Languages: English, Spanish, French, Chinese Mandarin and Portuguese



Recent projects include:

Cai Guo-Qiang Retrospective – 2013 – Museu dos Correios – Brasília
I produced the retrospective of the fireworks and other video works of the Chinese artist. There was an interactive collaborative “ Instamission” which resulted in his latest gunpowder drawings, also produced for and showcased in this exhibition.

Cai Guo-Qiang “ Peasant Davincis” – 2013 – CCBB Brasília.
I worked as producer in the Cai Guo-Qiang exhibition “ Peasant Davincis”, presenting his latest work alongside with his Gunpowder Drawings, which were made locally at the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Brasília.

Antony Gormley Exhibition – 2012/2013 – CCBB Brasília.
I worked as producer in the Antony Gormley’s exhibition, ‘Corpos Presentes / Still Being’, presented at Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil in Brasilia. The exhibition is sponsored by Banco do Brasil, with additional support from the Ministry of Culture, the British Council and White Cube.
‘Corpos Presentes / Still Being’ includes four major installations alongside a number of other works and models.

Swedish Fashion in China – 2010 to 2012
A three-year project with the Swedish Government to promote Swedish fashion in China. Broken in three phases: 2010 was about creativity; 2011 about sustainability and 2012 the actual matchmaking and fashion trade. This project has various traditional elements like in other fashion projects such as catwalks, press conference, product launch, media trip, etc… but we also implemented collaborations between fashion designers and choreographers, musicians, filmmakers as well as workshops and screenings of fashion
films and design competition. Eighteen months had passed since the project launch and
eight of the seventeen brands we promoted were already being represented and imported in China. Here are some details:

Eco Chic – Towards Swedish and Chinese Sustainable Fashion – Shanghai October 2011
A project that involves exhibition, networking events, screenings, catwalks, workshops, fashion films and lectures in Shanghai, as a collaboration between the Swedish Institute, Shanghai Textile Federation, Shanghai Fashion Week, Swedish Consulate, Shanghai University, 12 established Swedish fashion brands/designers and 15 upcoming Chinese fashion designers.

Swedish Fashion – Exploring a New Identity – Shanghai – April/May 2010 and Beijing – October/November 2010.
The exhibition Swedish Fashion – Exploring a New Identity showcased a new wave of
fashion designers from Sweden.
In addition to the exhibition, some Avant-Garde Fashion Videos were featured. The
videos, made by Sweden’s most creative film makers, investigate the intersection
between fashion, film and art, and have never been shown together before.
We also realized 2 very popular fashion shows at the Shanghai Fashion week, as
well as press conferences and industry networking events.

Illustra Brazil – 2011 and 2012 – Shanghai, Beijing and Hanoi.
“IllustraBrazil!” is a special edition of the Society of Illustrators of Brazil – SIB’s annual event IlustraBrasil!, that was presented for the first time in Asia. This international version of the IB! Consisted of an exhibition of artworks by 102 of the finest Brazilian editorial and advertising illustrators, comic book artists and animators, complemented by a series of lectures and workshops in Chinese and Vietnamese universities, children guided tours and an animation screenings. The main focus of the project was to create awareness of the quality, versatlility and scope of the professionals working with illustration in Brazil. There were specific visits to creative, inovation and design agencies such as Wieden+Kennedy and Ideo; to computer animation incubators; arts and design universities and cultural centers in Shanghai, Beijing and Hanoi.

Dans Storm – Shanghai and Beijing – 2010 to 2012
Started in 2010, Dans Storm was a three-year platform for promotion and discussion of contemporary dance and performance, dance films and interactive performance & technology. Since then, Dans Storm has presented more than 20 local and foreign artists/performances in Shanghai and Beijing. We also produced works of upcoming choreographers, filmmakers, artists and offered opportunities for residencies and immersion programmes. This project was funded by institutions in China, the Netherlands, Finland, USA, UK and Spain. The final project was seminar about sustainability in performance with networking events and matchmaking opportunities.

2nd and 3rd Brazil Film Festival in China – 2011 and 2012 – Beijing and Shanghai.
I was one of the producers involved in the festival that featured more than 10 of the latest feature films, as well as lectures, debates and music concerts in Beijing and Shanghai.

2010 Shanghai Expo Multi Media/Interactive Area (Porto Alegre City Pavilion)
I produced, promoted and managed the multi-media and interactive area of the Porto Alegre City in the Urban Best Practice Area of the Expo Shanghai. This project has been commissioned by Unesco Brasil and Porto Alegre City Government and designed by Marcello Dantas, one of Brazil’s most important curators, who has worked with names such as Anish Kapoor, Rebecca Horns and Laurie Anderson.
I was also responsible for all the media and institutional relations strategy and events execution for Porto Alegre City at the Expo 2010 Shanghai.

2010 Shanghai Expo Swedish Pavilion Events – SPIRIT OF INNOVATION
As events partner of the Swedish Committee for the Shanghai Expo, I organized the Opening Event, National Day Event as well as VIP related events for the visit of His Majesty The King Of Sweden. In Beijing I was also involved in the visit of the Crown Princess Victoria.

TASCHEN BOOKS– Asia Graphics Now! -2009 and 2010
Research and compilation of artists, data and images for the book Asia Graphics Now! By Taschen. This book is a follow up for the successful Japan Graphics Now! Countries covered:
China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, The Philippines, Laos , Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Thailand.

Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial in China – 2009
In October 2009, I brought to Shanghai and Beijing, as producer and project manager, the 9th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial. It is the biggest design event in Latin America, featuring 283 outstanding design projects produced by Brazilian professionals from big traditional agencies to recent graduates. In Shanghai the context was the International Creative Industry Week and the Brazilian exhibition attracted 20,000 people. In Beijing it was part of the official program of Icograda (International Congress of Graphic Design) and attracted 2,000 viewers from the congress and 2,500 students from the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Collaborators included the ICOGRADA, Central Academy of Fine Arts (Beijing), Raffles Design Institute (Shanghai and Beijing), Shanghai International Creative Industries Week, Taschen Books, New Graphics Magazine, Nanjing Arts Institute, University of Sao Paulo and the Brazilian Association of Graphic Design. Outreach programme included workshops and lectures by Brazilian and Chinese professionals in universities in Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing.

India Xianzai – 2009
This contemporary art exhibition featured the 21 most established Indian artists from around the world, providing a platform for collaborations between local and international artists from various disciplines in India and China. Started by the Indian Councul for Cultural Relations (ICCR), this project aimed to create awareness and market value to the Indian contemporary art (and artists) in China. The program included a major exhibition from July 15th to August 30th at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, in addition to a series of concerts, film screenings and design workshops. The audience numbers were 17,000 people. Collaborators included ICCR , Indian Consulate in Shanghai, ITTI, Incredible India, VISION Magazine, JZ Music School, ICIA (Indian Contemporary Institute of Art), Seven Art Ltd and MoCA Shanghai.


  • – Extensive experience as strategist and project manager for arts, design and creative industry projects. (Exhibitions, workshops, professional events, seminars, mission trips, matchmaking and consultancy)
  • Sound understanding of contemporary arts, film, design and performance.


    Contemporary arts, design, Film, New medias, Performance

Spoken Languages

    English, French, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish

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