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This resume outlines some of my production experience in theatre, as well as some of my experience working in radio, film, communications, and literary management.


I attended Florida State University, and graduated in May 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Creative Writing.


I am currently the Assistant Literary Manager of City Theatre in Miami, FL. There, I am in charge of assisting the Literary Director in communication with playwrights, working with them to organize out yearly playwriting conference, establishing a line of communication between the artistic director and the literary director, doing some public relations work via social media and drafting press releases, and reading plays, critiquing them, and entering them into a literary database for City Theatre’s yearly programming.

In the past, I worked for Red Hills Motion Picture Releasing Company, where I exclusively did Public Relations work through social media outreach (Facebook, Twitter) for various films and documentaries. This included doing research on various demographics, and targeting them to expose them to the movies we were sponsoring. In addition to PR work, I also helped out at various events and movie screenings for the company.

Before that, I interned for Qantum Communications in Myrtle Beach, SC, which was a local radio stations, hosting up to five different radio stations at a time. There, I was primarily a front desk associate, doing various filing responsibilities, working with customers, and answering phone calls. I also helped out Radio DJ’s at various radio events, handing out flyers, prizes, and doing delivery truck runs.

As a writer, I volunteered for the campus radio station, V89, where I wrote news headlines and Public Service Announcements. I also wrote for “The Yeti,” where I was a freelance journalist, interviewing people and drafting articles for the magazine. In addition to radio and magazines, I also wrote for “Seminole Night Life,” and on-campus production team that produced a monthly variety show, reminiscent of “Saturday Night Live.”

On an artistic level, I have worked on dozens of shows, either directing, producing, or writing, acting as a leader and visionary in the creative process. I feel that this experience has greatly informed my more professional experience in a way that I can approach projects with an open mind, and think about ways in which I can accomplish them creatively.


  • Literary Manager, 1 year
  • Microsoft Word, 10+ years
  • Microsoft Powerpoint, 10+ years
  • Microsoft Excel, 5+ years
  • Adobe Photoshop, 1 year
  • Sony Soundforge, 1 year
  • Celtix, 3 years
  • Window Movie Maker, 1 year
  • Proficient Photography Skills
  • Proficient Video Skills


    Comedy, Comedy Writing, Conference Coordination, Directing, editing, Literary Management, Press Releases, producing, Public Speaking, Team Management, Writing

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