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The arts can be a bridge between cultures- something every culture has, and yet something that makes each culture unique.

With my experience in various international art forms and foreign languages—as well as in organizing museum exhibits, art shows, concerts, and music festivals with an international scope—I strive to promote greater tolerance, understanding, and appreciation of the world’s diverse cultures through the arts.


> Indiana University Bloomington: B.A. in Intercultural Arts Programming through the Individualized Major Program; Honors College Distinction, with minors in Music, Anthropology, Chinese Studies, & Central Eurasian Studies (2012)

> Nanjing Arts Institute (南京艺术学院): International Student Certificate in traditional Chinese ink painting and calligraphy at the Art Institute of Nanjing, China (2009)

> Nanjing University (南京大学): International Student Certificate in Chinese language, culture, arts, and minority studies


> Indiana University Art Museum: Assistant Curator of “Musical Instruments of the Silk Road” exhibit- responsible for research, cataloging, handling, photographing, event programming, and exhibit design decisions (2011)

> Indiana University Mathers Museum of World Cultures: Curatorial and Collections Department Practicum Student assisting in development of “The Origins of Everything: From the Big Bang to the World Wide Web” exhibit- responsible for research, cataloging, and handling, as well as exhibit construction and design (2010)

> Silk Road Institute: Co-founder & Assistant Director- responsible for non-profit management, fundraising, grant writing, violin & vocal performance in Silk Road Ensemble, coordinating annual Silk Road Festival (securing venue & visas for international performers)

> Rubin Museum of Art: Education Department Intern assisting in “Milarepa” and “Wutaishan” exhibits: responsible for extensive research on traditional Tibetan thangka painting and Tibetan astrological charts, artifact handling and photographing, event programming, as well as educational program development and audiovisual documenting (2007)

> New York Tibetan Art Studio: student of Tibetan artist Pema Rinzin focusing on traditional thangka painting’s form development and painting surface preparation (2007)

> Indiana University Global Village: Treasurer & Student Councilor- responsible for all aspects of community event coordination and treasurer responsible for donations and community program funding (2006-2008)

> Star Gallery, Michigan City, IN: Art Gallery Attendant- responsible for attending to gallery customers, as well as selection and installation of art (2004-2005)


  • > Event Planning & Organizational Skills (8 years)
  • > Non-Profit Management (2 years)
  • > Fundraising & Grant Writing (2 years)
  • > Museum & Art Gallery Design, Construction, & Installation (1 year)
  • > Outstanding Customer Service Skills (8 years)
  • > Teaching Skills (2 years)
  • > Foreign Language Skills: Chinese, Japanese, French, Hindi, and Tibetan (varying degrees of competence)
  • > Writing, editing, translating, typing, & basic computer skills
  • > Creative thinking
  • > Quick learning
  • > Attention to detail


    Curatorial Development & Design, Grant Writing

Groups & Associations

    Freeman Asia Foundation (2008), Global Village Living-Learning Center (2006), New York Tibetan Art Studio (2007), Phi Beta Kappa (2010), Silk Road Institute (2007)

Spoken Languages

    Basic Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), English, Fundamental French, Introductory Azeri, Tibetan

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