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Hand Paper Maker Printmaking Aluminum Casting

Resume posted by Richard Hungerford in Arts and Culture.
Desired salary: $40,000.00
Desired position type: Any.
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Obtained BFA in 1979, MFA in 1982, worked for Singapore Tyler Print Institute from 2001- 2011, worked for YogyaArt Lab from 2012-2013, doing self enrichment projects in Batik, relief printing, mold making, and hand paper making 2103 to present


  • Art Handling,
  • equipment design,
  • inventory supplies,
  • mold making,
  • paper pulp casting,
  • pigment color paper pulp,
  • project development,
  • small scale foundry furnace construction,
  • studio process,
  • Team management


  • Hand Paper making/ strong
  • Relief Printing/strong
  • Lost wax investment casting/strong
  • Aluminum Casting/strong
  • Tig Welding/strong
  • Mig wire feed Welding/strong
  • Stick welding/strong
  • Ox-ace torch work/strong
  • Table saw/strong
  • RTV rubber mold/strong
  • hydraulic press/strong
  • Automated Hydraulic press/strong
  • basic computer/strong

Spoken Languages

  • English


1979 BFA University of Hawaii Manoa campus Honolulu Hawaii
1982 MFA University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana Illinois


2015-2013 Self Enrichment Relief Printing, Batik, Hand Paper making
2013-2012 Yogya Art Lab/ Ghajah Gallery as Director of Artist Development leading a team of artisans in setting up a studio space, design/fabricate equipment for hand paper making, rubber mold making, lost wax casting,foundry casting aluminum and developing artist’ projects
2012-2011 Self enrichment Hand Paper Making, rubber mold design
2011-2001 Singapore Tyler Print Institute Master Paper Maker leading team of artisans in developing artist’s projects
2001-1999 Tyler Graphics Limited Mt. Kisco NY Master Papermaker producing hand made paper and training staff for paper making/printmaking projects
1982- 1999 Studio Artist producing art work from Handmade Paper, Teaching Art of Hand Paper making, exhibiting artwork, and developing artist’s projects


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