Gallery Assistant

Resume posted by Andrea E. Roper in Museum and Gallery.
Desired salary: $
Desired position type: Any.
Location: Los Angeles California, United States
(562) 480-7356
(562) 480-7356


I have sold my own art on the Newport Pier in California. I have museum and office experience. I served my Directors and collaborated to help implement their Museum programs. I assisted directors, supported sales, managed teams, coordinated and supported administration. I have experience with art making, art handling, shipping, and registration.


  • Administrative Assistant,
  • Art Handling Experience,
  • Art Making Experience,
  • Assisting Directors,
  • Coordinating,
  • Implementing Director's programs,
  • Museum Experience,
  • Office Experience,
  • Supporting Sales,
  • Team management


  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel,
  • Microsoft Outlook,
  • Database Management,
  • Social Media,
  • Facebook,
  • Blackberry®,
  • Networked Fax,
  • Macintosh,
  • Photoshop
  • High-volume CD Duplication

Spoken Languages

  • English


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art with an Emphasis in Drawing and Painting; CSULB.
Modern Art History; Ancient to Renaissance Art History; Baroque Art History;
Aesthetics seminar; Professional Practices Seminar for Artists; Gallery B exhibitions


Education Assistant: University Art Museum, CSULB, Long Beach, California;
Education Volunteer: Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, California;
Administration/Research Specialist: Westlaw Thomson Reuters, Los Angeles, California;
CD Duplication Coordinator (volunteer): GLB, Long Beach, California.

• Sold my own art on the Newport Pier – – observed people to identify receptive individuals, and then utilized Portrait Artist skills to request to draw their portrait representationally.
• Sold my own art on the Newport Pier – – drew up to 4 portraits a day on this busy pier. Established trust and rapport to determine others’ needs and wants and secure time and attention, to create a successful portrait-sitting and sell portrait art.
• Museum Experience – – used MS Word proficiency and experience in Photoshop and Macintosh to provide Museum tour schedule and color images for tour program; adept at implementing database management programs and strategies.
• Museum Experience – – assisted with exhibitions by managing Museum inventory: helped organize 50 scattered object/accession number records for gallery tags.
• Office Experience – – helped ship confidential legal documents to law firms via Fedex, handled multi-line phone at Museum.
• Office Experience – – managed digital/ hard-copy inventories of legal documents; corresponded with galleries to obtain Artist biographical data for exhibit tags; updated Facebook pages and data.
• Served Directors – – scheduled meetings with Museum Education Director to help implement Director’s ideas for youth-education programs; organized & researched Abstract Artists on behalf of Education Director to create customized lesson plan for Long Beach Unified School District teacher.
• Served Directors – – organized a school bus-load of 60 students suddenly arriving during a Museum meeting for an unscheduled tour; arranged students on behalf of Education Director during meeting & provided educational tour of Artists exhibited.
• Corresponded confidentially, ethically, and respectfully – created Museum Public Relations article for press release describing construction of the new Gallery; protected Museum by keeping time-sensitive information confidential.
• Corresponded confidentially, ethically, and respectfully – – coordinated individual research projects for High-Profile legal clients via secure data, confidential Extranet & MS Office proficiency.
• Art making, art handling experience – – paintings, drawings, oil, acrylic, multi-media,
3 dimensional art; currently receiving email updates on current Contemporary Art gallery events from and, drawing most every day.
• Currently reading – – “MRM5 Museum Registration Methods”, published by the American Association of Museums.
• Met with LACMA Registrar’s office to discuss current museum Registrar practices.

Groups & Associations

  • American Association of Museums,
  • Committee of the American Association of Museums,
  • Visual Art Source


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